MITIGATEMultidimensional, integrated, risk assessment framework and dynamic, collaborative Risk Management tools for critical information infrastructures – is a collaborative research project co-funded by the European Commissions under its biggest Research and Innovation program Horizon 2020.

The project kickoff was in September 2015. The duration of Mitigate will be 30 months from September  1st 2015 to February 28th 2018.

The total funding is 3.1 m€ and the budget is 3.6 m€.

The Mitigate consortium comprises 12 partners with scientific and industrial background from Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Romania and Spain. The project is coordinated by Fraunhofer CML. The technical coordination is done by the University of Pireaus, Research Center.

More information about the Mitigate project you can find on the sites below: