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Public Deliverables in the MITIGATE project:

The scope of this deliverable is to report the dissemination activities  performed during the entire project lifecycle.

MITIGATE will introduce, integrate, validate and commercialize a novel RM system, which will empower stakeholders` Collaboration of risks associated with cyber-security assets.

Despite the importance of Critical Information Infrastructures (CIIs) and dynamic ICT-based maritime supply chains (SCs) for port operations, Risk Management (RM) methodologies pay limited attention. Hereby, Best Practices for Replicability and Wider Use are designed and analyzed.

The attached deliverable corresponds to the repositories of simulation scenarios, risk models, assurance models and  more. It reflects to the outcomes of task T7.4 "Repositories of threats, countermeasures and simulated scenarios".

MITIGATES` systems and services, concerning Business, Technical and Organisational Evaluation, are evaluated from a technical, technological und financial perspective.

In the following Stakeholders Evaluation the observations and comments collected by the different pilot sites during their test events are summarized and analyzed.

This deliverable details the Evaluation Methodology of the MIGITAGTE Project.

The Service Improvements of MITIGATE are to introduce, integrate, validate and commercialize a novel Risk Management system, which will empower stakeholders' collaboration for assessment and mitigation of risks associated with cyber-security assets.

MITIGATES` External Pilot Operations enable Maritime Organizations to manage their security in a holistic, integrated and cost-effective manner, while at the same time producing and sharing knowledge associated with quantification from their Supply Chain (SC).

The Report on Standards and Regulations Compliance provides a basis for the project`s interactions and contribution with/to the NIS platform.

This document describes the plan for the dissemination efforts that will be followed in the framework of the MITIGATE project: Dissemination and Communication Plan.

The scope of the current deliverable is to elaborate on the modifications that are needed in order to
realize the MITIGATE platform.:
Report on Background Risk Management

This deliverable provides information regarding the various components that comprise the high level architecture of MITIGATE and elaborates on the interdependencies between them:
System Architecture and Technical Specifications

The following deliverable contains “Specifications of Mathematical Instruments, Risk and Assurance Models” and “Evidence-Driven Maritime Supply Chain Risk Assessment (g-MSRA) Specifications”:
Evidence Driven Supply Chain Risk Assessment Approach

The present document covers a literature review of the state of the art relevant to security requirements engineering, risk management and supply chain security management standards. Furthermore it contains the pilot scenarios survey:
Stakeholders Requirements and Reference Scenarios

The scope of this deliverable is to report the planned dissemination activities performed during the first year of the
Report on Dissemination and Communication Activities

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