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Public Deliverables in the MITIGATE project:

This document describes the plan for the dissemination efforts that will be followed in the framework of the MITIGATE project: Dissemination and Communication Plan

The scope of the current deliverable is to elaborate on the modifications that are needed in order to
realize the MITIGATE platform.:
Report on Background Risk Management

This deliverable provides information regarding the various components that comprise the high level architecture of MITIGATE and elaborates on the interdependencies between them:
System Architecture and Technical Specifications

The following deliverable contains “Specifications of Mathematical Instruments, Risk and Assurance Models” and “Evidence-Driven Maritime Supply Chain Risk Assessment (g-MSRA) Specifications”:
Evidence Driven Supply Chain Risk Assessment Approach

The present document covers a literature review of the state of the art relevant to security requirements engineering, risk management and supply chain security management standards. Furthermore it contains the pilot scenarios survey:
Stakeholders Requirements and Reference Scenarios

The scope of this deliverable is to report the planned dissemination activities performed during the first year of the
Report on Dissemination and Communication Activities

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