The MITIGATE system will be built based on readily available technologies of the partners, which will enable the project to produce a mature (high-Technology Readiness Level) system at an optimal value-for-money. In particular, the MITIGATE architecture will include components for the web-based interaction of end-users, semantic modeling components for modelling and representing knowledge, collaboration management components, model process management components, as well as an execution engine enabling the enactment of complex workflows associated with the Maritime Supply Chain Risk Assessment system of the project.

During MITIGATE’s proceeding the project will pass 10 milestones:

  • Stakeholder requirements identified – Stakeholder mobilized and involved in the project
  • Mathematical instruments selected and g-MRSA model specified
  • Detailed functionalities of the MITIGATE system specified
  • Background Platforms and Components (CYSM, S-Port, SUPPORT and more) available for reuse and adaption
  • Integrated MITIGATE Risk Management/Assessment System Available
  • Pilot sites ready for pilot operations
  • Successful completion of pilot operations with internal pilot users
  • Contribution of best practices on maritime risk assessment to Network Information Service (NIS)
  • Initial business models and plan for market rollout available
  • Liaisons with NIS and standardization bodies established


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