Company Logo of FEPORTSThe Port Institute for Studies and Cooperation of the Valencian Region, nowadays known as FEPORTS, was formed jointly by the Valencian Government and the Port Authorities of Alicante, Castellón and Valencia in 1998. The Institute came about as a means of support and a basic tool in the development of port communities. It is, in short, the body that the Valencian Government uses to integrate the port sector, not only regarding ports of general interest but also those within the Autonomous Region scope.

Specifically FEPORTS will contribute in the requirements and specifications phase with regards port sector, which will elicit, collect and analyze requirements from all port and maritime stakeholders of the MITIGATE platform and services, with emphasis on the requirements associated, along with the technical specifications of the ICT infrastructure/platform that will support the pilots. Also FEPORTS will participate in the pilot operations phase, focusing on the actual pilot operation of the MITIGATE platform at port sites and for an adequate time interval allowing for the proper subsequent evaluation of the services. Eventually, FEPORTS also will be involved in the evaluation and assessment phase focusing on the multi-facet evaluation of the MITIGATE services (i.e. medical, usability, technological, business, economic and evaluation from stakeholders in port communities).

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