Livorno Port Authority (LPA)

Company Logo of the port of LivornoOverseen by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transportation (as all Italian Port Authorities), Livorno Port Authority is responsible for guiding, programming, coordinating and controlling port operations and other commercial and industrial activities carried out in the Livorno port. It is an administrative authority and cannot be directly involved in carrying out industrial or commerical activities by law. It elaborates and adopts Port Master Plan; leases maritime domain areas and assets falling under its jurisdiction: issues authorizations to work in the port; sees to dredging seabeds and, in general, to the maintenance of the common parts of port areas; assigns and oversees activities aimed at providing services of general interest. Livorno Port has connections with over 300 ports all over the world. Its most intense traffic sectors are with the Mediterranean, the Middle and Far East, the African Continent and North and South America.

Livorno Port Authority has experiences and know-how, as a result of the actions and innovative practices already launched, in particular within the Tuscan Port Community System initiative and other EU funded projects.

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