Valenciaport Foundation

Company Logo of Valenciaport Fundacion

The “Fundación de la Comunidad Valenciana para la Investigación, Promoción y Estudios Comerciales de Valenciaport (Valenciaport Foundation) is a private non-profit research center created in 2004 through an agreement between the Port Authority of Valencia (APV), the most representative associations and companies of the Valencian logistics-ports community and various institutions of the Valencian region, all of which are involved in logistics and transport (particularly maritime transport and logistics).

Ever since its very inception, the Valenciaport Foundation has continuously endeavored to strike a balance between its consolidation as an international research center of excellence and, from a more applied perspective, as a think tank and idea-generating center working hand-in-hand with the logistics-port community of Valenciaport. Several lines of research are presently being developed and can be grouped into four different departments, such as Logistics and Intermodality, Transport Economics, Planning and Port Development and Information Technologies.

The Valenciaport Foundation is also a training center of excellence at the service of the port community. Its main objective is to contribute to the continuous improvement of the technical expertise of the human resources carrying out activities within the ports, logistics and transport sectors. The Valenciaport Foundation has among its research lines the fields of port security, giving support to the Port Authority of Valencia in those activities related to the innovation and improvement of port security management.

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