Project Partners

Company Logo of Fraunhofer CML

The Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services CML (Fraunhofer CML) conducts professional contract research for private and public sector clients in the maritime industry, including ports, terminal operators, shipping companies and logistics service providers. To this end, Fraunhofer CML develops and implements innovative, customer focused problem solutions for the maritime supply chain. The Fraunhofer CML is responsible for the overall project coordination.

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Company Logo of University of Piraeus Research Center

UPRC provides administration and technological support to basic and applied research carried out by Faculty members (over 200 members) of the University of Piraeus since 1983. The participating group – Security Research Group of the Department of Informatics, at University of Piraeus has significant experience in the areas of Security, eMaritime, Software Engineering. UPRC has participated in numerous F6/7 projects on security, maritime and egovernment. In particular, UPRC has been awarded with an ISO 9001:2008 Certification, and a National Accreditation for its administrative competence. UPRC is responsible for the technical project coordination.

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Company Logo of Austrian Institute of Technology

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH is an Austrian research institute with a European format and focuses on the key infrastructure issues of the future. The AIT Department of Safety & Security focuses on these two important aspects of ever-increasing relevance for today’s citizens, which will also take centre stage in the information society of tomorrow. As the largest non-university research facility in Austria, AIT has a long history and outstanding track record on participating and leading EU and national research projects.

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Company Logo of Maggioli Group

The Maggioli Group is acknowledged as being the main Italian corporate organization with a guiding role for those who operate in Local Public Administrations. Through the work of the various companies in its group, Maggioli contributes to improving the managerial effectiveness and efficiency of the public reality and related professions. Maggioli has a significant know-how on analysis, design and development of computer systems in various technological environments for large and small customers.

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Company Logo of SingularLogic

SingularLogic Romania is based in Bucharest and provides services as integrated IT solutions for the private sector, vertical IT solutions for the Retail Sector including supply chain management and Point of Sales solutions, integration and customisation of business software applications (ERP, CRM, Accounting, HRM, etc), and recently integration and support of voice-enabled products that use speech recognition technologies and are provided by the mother company. In collaboration with the European Project Department of the Group they are able to share R&D know-how in several ICT R&D projects that SingularLogic is participating.

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Company Logo of Feports

The Port Institute for Studies and Cooperation of the Valencian Region, nowadays known as FEPORTS, was formed jointly by the Valencian Government and the Port Authorities of Alicante, Castellón and Valencia in 1998. The Institute came about as a means of support and a basic tool in the development of port communities. It is, in short, the body that the Valencian Government uses to integrate the port sector, not only regarding ports of general interest but also those within the Autonomous Region scope.

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Company Logo of University of Brighton

The University of Brighton (UoB) has one of the best teaching quality ratings in the UK and a strong reputation for quality research. The Secure and Dependable Software Systems (SenSE) Research Cluster produces work in the intersection of software engineering, security engineering and risk management. It has pioneered work in ontologies, languages, models, processes, methodologies and automated testing and optimisation techniques that consider security, risk, trust and privacy as an integral aspect of the software systems development process.

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Company Logo of Piraeus Port Authority SA (PPA SA)

Piraeus, the largest port in Greece and one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean, play a crucial role in the development of international trade as well as the local and national economy. Piraeus Port today has a range of activities concerning the Commercial and Central Ports, ship services and real estate development. PPA S.A. contributes towards the local and national economic growth and is further developed by upgrading both the infrastructure and the services provided. Sources of financing come from port services.

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Company Logo of I.M.S.S.E.A.

I.M.S.S.E.A. is the international branch of the Italian Merchant Shipping Academy (Fondazione Accademia Italiana della Marina Mercantile). The mission of FAIMM is to provide first class training, consultancy and research to the national shipping industries and – through its international branch (I.M.S.S.E.A.) – to the international maritime administrations.

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Company Logo of Valenciaport Foundation

The “Fundación de la Comunidad Valenciana para la Investigación, Promoción y Estudios Comerciales de Valenciaport (Valenciaport Foundation) is a private non-profit research center created in 2004 through an agreement between the Port Authority of Valencia (APV), the most representative associations and companies of the Valencian logistics-ports community and various institutions of the Valencian region, all of which are involved in logistics and transport (particularly maritime transport and logistics). Ever since its very inception, the Valenciaport Foundation has continuously endeavored to strike a balance between its consolidation as an international research center of excellence.

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Company Logo of dbh Logistics IT AG

dbh’s core competence is the combination of logistics and IT know-how. As an international software and consulting company dbh offers ideal solutions in the areas of customs clearance and export control, freight forwarding, SAP®-Consulting and port community systems. With more than 40 years of IT experience dbh offers support always as a competent partner to its clients. It develops business solutions for industry and trade, forwarding and logistics as well as shipping and ports within the spectrum of Customs and foreign trade, transport management, compliance and port operations.

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Company Logo of Port of Ravenna Authority

The port of Ravenna Authority (PRA) was established with Law 28.01.1994, n. 84 and operates to direct, plan, coordinate, promote and control port operations and other commercial and industrial activities in the port, administers the State’s maritime assets, provides for the maintenance of the port’s seabed and the construction of major port infrastructure financed by the State and guarantees the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the common areas. The port of Ravenna is an “A” Category port as indicated in Decision N. 661/2010/EU of the European Parliament.

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Company Logo of the Livorno Port Authority

Overseen by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transportation (as all Italian Port Authorities), Livorno Port Authority is responsible for guiding, programming, coordinating and controlling port operations and other commercial and industrial activities carried out in the Livorno port. It elaborates and adopts Port Master Plan; leases maritime domain areas and assets falling under its jurisdiction: issues authorizations to work in the port; sees to dredging seabeds and, in general, to the maintenance of the common parts of port areas; assigns and oversees activities aimed at providing services of general interest.

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Company logo of the Hansestadt Bremisches Hafenamt (a symbolic key)

The Hansestadt Bremisches Hafenamt is supporting the development, pilot operations and evaluations of the MITIGATE risk management framework, on the basis of the provision of comments and feedback on the specifications of the MITIGATE risk management framework, the engagement of employees (i.e. Port Security Officers) in the pilot testing of the MITIGATE framework and the participation in the evaluation process of the project, including assessment of the MITIGATE risk management framework and tools

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