MITIGATE invites Pilot Users!

Get involved and use the possibility to apply the newly designed holistic cyber risk assessment system MITIGATE. Become a first mover!

In the course of the next months the MITIGATE System is presented to maritime stakeholders like port authorities, port service providers and logistics service providers. The project consortium is thus looking for interested stakeholders to conduct the following tasks:

• Enjoy a short introduction into the MITIGATE system
• Insert an exemplary supply chain by choosing given digital assets, hard- and software
• Add new digital assets to the repository provided
• Build an exemplary digital supply chain
• Manage the threats of your assets
• Let the system run the risk assessment and see the results
• Review the attack paths
• Provide your impressions and advice through an online questionnaire

These pilot operations will take place in Bremen, Hamburg, Livorno, Piraeus, Ravenna and Valencia with an estimated duration of three hours. Register today for a nonbinding and free-of-charge training on cyber security and send an e-mail to

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